Mouth-watering Memories: My Most Unforgettable Street Food Encounters

Many of my most memorable travel experiences – the ones that make me laugh, cringe, gasp and wax nostalgic – have involved food. Good food brings me great joy in life, both for the assault on the senses that I get to experience, and the way in which it brings people together. I love a good hotel buffet breakfast, and I also enjoy dining at nice restaurants, hip vegan joints, tapas bars, and trendy cafes, but street food is where the magic is.

Street food is very touch and go, and I think that’s all part of the fun. Sometimes you stumble upon something incredible that makes you want to go back and devour it again and again. Other times you’ll begin chewing, pause for a moment, furrow your brows and comment…”interesting…” And sometimes, well, sometimes you just need to reach for the nearest napkin.

GoCambio, 23 May 2016

Image: Unsplash

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